Where to buy Proactol in Canada?

Proactol diet pill is available for purchase in Canada only via the official website. Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to buy Proactol in the usual stores and pharmacies in Canada.

The distribution of this product is via official website only. Manufacturers are being specific about this as they don’t allow selling of their product on eBay, Amazon etc.

Order Proactol directly by clicking this link

Why shouldn’t I buy Proactol from eBay, Amazon and similar sites?

While the idea of buying Proactol from Amazon or eBay might seem like you’re buying it from a reputable source, we advise you not to go that route. It is not eBay or Amazon who sells this product; it is usually 3rd party sellers who use eBay/Amazon just as a sale channel. Other than that you could be getting the fake pill, you will not be getting the money back guarantee and you certainly won’t get support for Proactol if you buy it off eBay/Amazon.

Proactol manufacturers

Manufacturers and distributors of Proactol is company Proactol Ltd. They are certainly not newcomers when it comes to weight loss products. They have been on the market for some time now and they offer customer support that is pretty much excellent. We had several questions about Proactol, which they answered in a timely manner. They gave us full text answers with additional links about their product to explore on our own. Their support is available via email or phone.

How much is Proactol?

The smallest package that you can order is 2-weeks supply, which will cost you $38.95 (about the same amount in CAD).

One month supply costs $68.95. Proactol offers what appears to be the longest money back guarantee in the diet pills industry, and it is 6 months long.

To qualify for full refund, you must order minimum 4-month supply and use Proactol for at least 120 days. If you’re not satisfied with your results, send empty Proactol packages back and ask for your money back before the 6-month point.

Visit Proactol official site for more information

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